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What is Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus?

With the Office 365 ProPlus subscription, you as a user have the option of installing the products listed below on up to 5 devices (Windows, Macintosh).
For more information, please contact the manufacturer Microsoft.
Cloud services such as Sharepoint, Skydrive and Onedrive are not included in this version!
All students of a Saxon university that has joined the state contract will receive the latest version of the programs listed below for download locally during the duration of the state contract with Office 365 ProPlus after they have successfully registered for the service.

Product scope:
Access ¹
OneNote ²
Publisher ¹
InfoPath ¹
Lync / Skype ¹ ²

¹ These products are only available for Windows and not for Macintosh.
² These products can no longer be used as they require cloud services.

Supported operating systems:
PC: Windows 10, Windows 8
Mac: OS X 10.10

Detailed information on the system requirements can be found directly at Microsoft.

Students at TU Dresden can use the following links to find out how to link your Outlook to your existing e-mail account or how to apply for such an account.
Students from other universities are advised to contact the computer center of their university to obtain the necessary information about their options.

Information on email at TU Dresden in general.
Information specifically on Groupware/MS Exchange.