Campus Sachsen

terms of use

  1. The user is a student who is enrolled at a Saxon university and has a valid university login.
    His or her university has joined the Microsoft State Contract Saxony and fulfills the technical requirements for the provision of the service.

  2. To use the software, you must register with the user-specific university login on the respective Shibboleth server of the university via this website.
    Depending on the university's specifications or the user's selection (if the university has specified this) either an anonymous account for the Microsoft portal or an account with the real data will be created.
    For user support, the data entered in Campus Saxony (locally in the TU Dresden computer center) will be stored and deleted again when the account is deleted via this website.
    The generated initial password must be changed the first time you log in to the Microsoft portal.
    After successful registration, the software can be downloaded directly from the manufacturer.

  3. Active use of the software requires a regular log in with a valid university login on this website.
    You must log in at least every 180 days to continue using the software actively.
    Otherwise the software will fall into read-only mode.

  4. The account will be blocked if the registration on this website is more than 180 days old.
    If you are still enrolled and free licenses are available, the account can be reactivated by registering on this website again.

  5. If the user has forgotten their password, they can use the "Password forgotten" function on this website to generate a new start password.

  6. The university is not obliged to provide a license, as only a limited license contingent is available.
    This is a temporary right of use.
    The period of use depends on the contract term, the enrolment status and the availability of the licenses.
    There is no legal entitlement.

  7. Die Nutzung der Software ist kostenfrei.

  8. Es gelten diese Nutzungsbedingungen sowie die allgemeinen Lizenzbedingungen des Herstellers.

  9. The user may not pass on or sell the software to third parties. He must take precautions to protect the software from unauthorized use.
    The personal access data may not be passed on.

  10. The user is not authorized to decompile, disassemble or imitate the software or to create products derived from the software, unless the software manufacturer has expressly permitted this in its license terms.

  11. Die teilnehmenden Hochschulen übernehmen keine Garantie für die funktionelle Richtigkeit der Software.

  12. The user shall be liable to the licensee (university) and/or the licensor (manufacturer) for all damages resulting from culpable non-compliance with this agreement.

  13. If the user culpably violates his obligations under this agreement in a gross manner, his account will be deleted without notice.

  14. The invalidity of individual clauses of the above shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the agreement.
    Verbal subsidiary agreements are null and void.